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(Central Auditory Processing Disorder)

I have been diagnosed with CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder), which is a receptive language disorder which makes it difficult to process sounds, particularly speech sounds. Some forms of CAPD are referred to as “auditory dyslexia”.

An important thing to remember is that I do not have a “hearing problem”! My physical hearing is actually above average in acuity. I can hear sounds that are too quiet or too far away for most people to hear, and I always pass hearing tests unless I have an ear infection. I can hear some high frequencies that other people cannot hear at all. I also have perfect pitch. CAPD does not mean that I can’t hear, or that I can’t do some auditory tasks very well.

This page does not cover all aspects of CAPD. This is because I am still discovering what all the aspects are. Hence, I definitely experience several aspects of it that I have not written here about at all.

Some people with CAPD have a hearing impairment of some kind as well, but it is not necessary to have a hearing impairment to have CAPD. My hearing, as I said, is above average. CAPD is a disorder which takes place in the brain and makes it difficult to interpret sounds and/or language. It is not a disorder of the ear.


My symptoms, like most of my other sensory symptoms, vary in intensity. At some times, I can understand what someone says perfectly. At other times, not at all. At other times, it is somewhere in between. I have divided symptoms into “internal” and “external”. Internal symptoms are what it feels like to have these symptoms. External symptoms are some of the manifestations of these symptoms. There is some crossover between internal and external symptoms, but this is what happens.

These symptoms can take place in any form, or combination.

Internal Symptoms:

External Symptoms:


Treatments and Accomodations:

These are treatments and accomodations to help CAPD, that I have tried.

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These are links to other sites and articles about CAPD.

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