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Welcome back! has been dormant for several years. I simply could not manage the site alone.

But for a number of reasons– interest expressed by a number of (potential) volunteers, and a very important effort being made to protect the interest of autistic people (more on that very soon, I hope),  I’ve imported the old archives into some fresh new software.

I’ll be busy through the month of November (NaNoWriMo), so don’t expect immediate progress. Come December, though, if you want to help breathe life into an old and important project, contact me (I’ll have a proper contact form up soon) and let me know what you are able to do. Generally speaking, we need writers, moderators, and the occasional graphic artist and web server geek.

Help keep an important part of Autistic history online:

(note: if you donate right now you will end up on an old static thank you page. I’ll fix that when I can get to it).

You can also help in other ways. One is to sign up for the free Dropbox file storage service using this referral link. Every person who does so gives me more free space to securely store website backups.